Saturday, July 23, 2016

I Heart Scraps!

We had the last of our kids beginner camps this week and were so blessed to be able to work with all of them! Our final project for "Back to School" Week was a scrap skirt. The girls were so funny throughout the process because they couldn't imagine getting a wearable skirt out of a pile of scrap fabric! But they did it! and we were super impressed with their final products, as were we.

We are excited to add the Kids Can Sew! curriculum to our schedule as well. The kids will meet once a week throughout the school year and make all sorts of garments and really solidify the techniques they learned in camp. There are some spaces available but we decided to limit the class to 4 spaces on Wednesdays and 4 spaces on Thursdays. Check out our website to get more info and register.

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