Thursday, April 6, 2017

Happy Birthday to Sew Hip!!!

In just 2 days we will be celebrating our one year! I can't believe how fast it went by and how much the shop has changed since opening day 4/8/16. Obviously, we have added more fabric, notion's and samples, but best of all we have met and taught so many awesome people; Some from right here in Miramonte and others from faraway places like Australia!! 

Each day Kristin and I talk about how to better serve you with new fun fabrics and classes but we know that you guys have awesome ideas too! We love hearing about your favorite pattern companies and Pinterest pages. Don't hesitate to email us about a pattern or notion you just have to have and we can get it for you. Get 3 or 4 of your girlfriends together and have a night out at Sew Hip with some wine, gab and stitching. Request a class and we can normally find a spot for you on the schedule. 

If you've been in at all the past few months you know we are really focusing on adding more garment fabrics. Of course we can't resist the cute cotton's that come out but our focus is to fill the garment gap in the Tucson area. Currently, we have knits, chambray, sateen, cotton lawn, rayon, brushed cotton and double gauze. 

For the kids, our camps and after school program have been crazy fun. We love to see how excited they get after creating a shirt or backpack. It's even better when the kids come in months later still carrying that backpack or wearing that shirt! We do have space in Kids Can Sew! and we will have 6 weeks of camp this summer as opposed to the 4 weeks we had last year. 

One big change was closing on Sundays. It was great being able to have full classes on the weekends but we had so many requests for evening classes. Each month we will try to have 2-4 classes starting around 5pm. Don't forget Open Studio. We love to be able to assist the sewist that wants to create in a more social setting or maybe they don't have their machine while visiting. Each hour you get a stamp and can earn free hours! 

Well, that about wraps it up. Don't forget to stop by tomorrow and Saturday for WHOLESALE quilters cotton's. $6.50/yd!!!

Thank you for all the kind words this past year, for welcoming us into the neighborhood and telling your friends. We look forward to year 2!

-Brittany & Kristin